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— Anyone else noticed?

the similarities between these two? 


Nowaki and Hiroki produced a child?! Hiroki’s looks, Nowaki’s personality and smile = Yukina


Miyagi and Shinobu created a stubborn, worry-wart Ritsu?! 

or is it just me… overloaded with J.R.-S.H. MADNESS?

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  4. camilacantthink answered: I noticed all of these! Although I thought Ritsu looks more like an older Miaski
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  7. 22incognito22 answered: hahaha male pregnancy wow its kind of true when u think about it.
  8. nyuhasafitblr answered: They are produced by the same mangaka, there’s gotta be similarities. X)
  9. custom-made-heart answered: It’s soooo true!!! You’re not imagining things~!!! XD
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